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Proud to continue the legend of Marinebull's All The Way "Goober".
Goober is one of the most famous bulldog studs in history. Goober has sired 88 champions to date and more of his pippies will begin showing soon.

Our bulldog studs are proven sires and producing healthy puppies with excellent confirmation demeaner.

What does it mean to be an AKC Champion Bulldog ?

A champion bulldog has been watched in the show ring and gone over completely by an average of 8-14 AKC judges to earn their championship. There are many critical points to a Bulldog stud and not all are physical features, they are also judged on attitude, expression, alertness and overall demeanor. In the case of Tyson, our main English bulldog stud, both of his majors came from breeder judges. Which is really important, these are judges who also breed bulldogs and know the breed better then anyone. When a bulldog breeder judge gives their stamp of approval, you know you have a very nice bulldog. Each champion is required to win at least 2 major shows of 3 points or more. These are large shows and this does vary with the area the show is in; but for a major in our area, we need to beat at least 17 other bulldogs. Bulldogs should only be breed to improve the breed and selecting a champion bulldog stud is a very good start.

Key Attributes of a Bulldog Stud

Drawing courtesy of the revised BCA Bulldog Standard


English Bulldog Stud Service Available from the following studs.

Bulldog Stud Service

Champion Trimbull Git-R-Done "Tyson"

Champion English Bulldog Stud Dog

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Bulldog Stud

Hetherbull Topline Hole in One "Tigger"

Bulldog Stud

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Champion English Bulldog Stud Service

Champion Sugarbull's My Heart Belongs To Daddy "Grumpy"

Champion English Bulldog Stud Service

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English Bulldog For Stud

Champion Hetherbull Topline Party Like A Rock Star "Ozzy"

English Bulldog for Stud

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Shipped Bulldog Semen Available

Champion Top Quality's Complete White Out "Mogie"

Bulldog Semen Shipped Overnight

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Bulldog Stud Dog

Tmars Look My Way"Willie"

Bulldog Stud Dog - Bulldog Sperm Shipped Overnight

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